Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nara Day, part 2

We took the bus to the Gion area for dinner again.  The buses get so crowded sometimes!  There was one time where M and I were sitting at the back of the bus and we weren't sure how we were going to get off, the entire bus was filled.  We did end up getting off at our stop, but it took many "shimimasen's" (excuse me).  There are some crazy lines to get on the bus too.

We then found the restaurant which was called Ozawa.  One particularly cool thing was that you had to cross a bridge over the channel to get to it.  Once inside, we were seated at the bar in a style similar to Tanto (sunken flooring).  We both got tempura and I got some sashimi with mine.  We both got salads which were good and then my sashimi came - it was delicious!  It had the fish (bonito) and then some greens, some of which reminded me of cilantro.  I would get sashimi all of the time if it tasted like this back home!  Then the chef came and began to prepare the tempura items.  They chose 12 different items from a list of about 20 - I don't remember all of them but we had: quail egg, squid wrapped in penla leaf, shittake mushrooms with shrimp, corn, shrimp, green pepper, ginko nuts, white fish, and scallop.  It was all very good and I think we were both surprised at how good the squid was.  I have had squid before and have usually found it to be rubbery.  This squid was perfectly done, tender, and not fishy tasting at all.  After the tempura we both got some sort of tempura salad and miso soup.  Neither of us really care for miso soup much, but this one was okay.

We didn't want the night to end just yet so we headed down to the river, where another part of the star festival was taking place.  This area had a couple of colorful displays with cranes and windsock type things.  The trees were also illuminated and on another strip of land along the river there were bamboo balls with yellow lights inside.  The whole illumination was very beautiful and relaxing.  A lot of people were wearing kimonos as well, so it was interesting to see them strolling about.

After this we called it quits for the night and went home.

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