Monday, August 6, 2012

The Hotel

I think our hotel deserves a special post all its own because we have had such an enjoyable stay here.  I'll get the visual stuff out of the way first:

The staff have been wonderful.  We are greeted every time we enter and the housekeeping staff bows every time we walk by.  We have had some staff at our room for various reasons (empty the mini fridge, deliver an extension cord) and every time they were extremely prompt, polite, and bowed the whole way out of the room.  Speaking of the room, it is spacious and has a lot of cool features.  Like many luxury hotels in Japan, it has one of the toilets that you have all probably heard of.  You can wash your bottom, front and have a heated seat.  The lid closes on its own if you give it a push.  It is nice, but I don't think I'm in love with it enough to consider getting one for our house.  Next is our do not disturb/make up our room sign.  Most hotels just have a paper sign you hang on the door.  This hotel has 2 small buttons near the door, one for each.  That lights up a light (red or green) on your doorbell outside (yes, we have a doorbell and yes, its really cool to have that) to tell housekeeping and other people whether you want to be disturbed or not.  The shower is also very nice, it is large, has plenty of water pressure and a nice soaking tub.

The concierge has been very helpful in making reservations, food recommendations, and travel plans.  I have found that sometimes the concierge isn't worth the time or expense (pointing you to higher priced options they are affiliated with) but here they are genuinely helpful and are so far 100% on food recommendations.

Other nice things about the hotel is that your luggage gets taken to your room for you (and no tip is required - this is Japan after all :) ) and there is a turn down service. They will also pay for your cab fare 1 way from Kyoto station to the hotel or vice versa.  I think we will use this Wednesday when it is time to leave.

Overall we are very impressed with this hotel and would highly recommend it to anyone that is visiting Kyoto.

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