Thursday, August 2, 2012


We are relaxing in the sakura lounge now waiting for our next flight.  While we wait I'll type a little bit about the first leg of our journey.  If you have never experienced first class, I suggest you try it.  Obviously paying for it is out of reach for almost everyone, but on miles it is pretty attainable-only an extra 25000 round trip over business class.  Now that I have taken a flight over the Pacific, I'm not sure if I could handle being crammed in the back for that long.  Even in first class we got kind of antsy to get off the plane as the Japanese countryside passed below us on the video screen. 

The service on our flight was amazing and the food was very good to excellent.  To me one of the most impressive things was how quickly they responded to the call button.  I think the longest I ever waited for someone to pop out from the curtains was 10 seconds.  It was amazing. Every time we made eye contact I was met with a smile. When I was brave enough to try saying "arigato"after every service the response was an amused giggle.  I don't think you would get that service on a domestic carrier and I am very glad we had the opportunity to switch to Japan Airlines.

I have so much more to say, but since I'm on my phone and I didn't sleep at all I'll sum up our 1st first class experience in one word: wow.

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