Monday, September 10, 2012

Hometown Tourist

I'm also going to post some things to do around Champaign-Urbana during my travel lull.  I'll start with some places we visited during Labor Day weekend.  The weekend was a wet one with the remnants of hurricane Isaac coming through town.

First we went for sushi at our favorite in town place, Yellowfin.  We got a bunch of rolls (as usual) and some mackerel and red snapper nigri.  M ordered udon, as always.  We received an appetizer from the chef that was quite tasty, which was tempura halibut.  Eventually our sushi came and as always, it was delicious.

The next day we went to a newer Mexican place in town called Maize.  We tried it before and were very impressed with the nachos, but the rest of the food was just okay.  This time we must have ordered better because the food was delicious.  I ordered a taco and a type of torta called a volcanes.  M ordered a quesadilla and our visitor J ordered some type of sandwich.  Everything was delicious this time so I'm very happy that we can recommend and go to this restaurant.

So even though it was cloudy and rainy, we made the most of the weekend and had some great food! :)

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