Saturday, September 8, 2012

More from Salt Lake

So I took more shots from Salt Lake that I wanted to put up on the blog.  The first few are from my flight from ORD to SLC.  This was my first flight on a CRJ.  Even though this was a smaller regional jet I actually kind of liked it.  This jet seemed newer and appeared to have LED lighting.  I had the window exit row seat so I had plenty of leg room.  The one thing I will say about this seat is that it is cold by the door and I wish I had brought a sweater.  We got a nice view of the Great Salt Lake on the approach.

When I got my rental car they offered me a pickup truck or a minivan - I went with the pickup truck.  I got to my space and was met with a gigantic F150.  I'm not sure who needs this much space in a car, but coming from my Toyota Corolla this car felt huge.  I was able to parallel park it before dinner, which I was pretty proud of (the night picture).

The food at Kyoto Japanese Restaurant was very yummy.  The nigri sushi was very fresh and well cut.  The roll I ordered (the samurai roll I think) was very good and probably the spiciest sushi roll I have ever eaten.  Finally, I had tonkatsu ( I may have ordered too much food).  The tonkatsu and sauce was very good, but it was obvious that the pork cutlet was not as high quality as what we got at Katsukura.

The morning before my flight I woke up early and went out to the Salt Lake Marina State Park.  I think I was the only person there and after a few minutes I realized why.  There was a very strong fishy smell in the area and there were small bugs all over the place.  I was able to snap a few good pictures before getting swarmed by small insects.

Next I headed towards the Olympic speed skating track.  I think there was an open (speed) skate, but I just snapped a few pictures before getting ready for my flight.

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